A Day after Helicopter Crash Dec 9 Gen Bipin Rawat Highlights.

A Day after Helicopter Crash Dec 9 Gen Bipin Rawat Highlights : 


The helicopter crash that claimed the life of India’s Chief General Bipin Rawat and other high-ranking officers last week has once again captured our attention. This time around however, people are not only wondering how such a tragedy could happen but also what will happen next for those involved in this unfortunate event? A day after Army Chief Genral Sir Nick Carter announced “ Airlifting operations have commenced ” during his press conference yesterday afternoon (which was followed closely by another update at dawn today),Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh is scheduled to make statements both downtown Delhi”s Loks Sabha member/body chaired By Pranab Mukherjee as well 

The helicopter carrying India’s defense minister and his entourage crashed in apparently foggy conditions, killing all 13 people on board. The crash is said to have occurred just minutes before he was set to deliver a lecture at the Defense Services Staff College in Wellington where it becomes clear that this will be Gen Rawat’s final moments alive as they announce their findings during an evening press conference early Thursday morning Indian time 


Gen Vayuskar Rawats’ appointment as CDS came after serving two terms within Indian Army Ordnance Corps which made him well acquainted with proceedings of


important positions such s Ops Room Officer-in-charge & Chief engineer/ Brigadier General Engineering Service Troops formations etc 


The bodies of the victims will be taken to New Delhi after a wreath-laying ceremony at Wellington on Thursday, followed by an airlifting operation that is expected take place sometime next week. The crash happened due low visibility in today’s foggy conditions; however, officials are investigating if there was also anything else wrong with this vehicle like technical issues or human error before determining its cause

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