Is this new covid variant called Omicron more dangerous than previous variants?

Omicron Reviews: It is still not clear whether this variant of virus called Omicron is more dangerous or not than their previous variants, researchers haven’t seen the exact effect of this virus, so there is very little data, including Delta. Previous studies suggest that the large number of hospitalizations seen in South Africa or the continuous increase in the number of cases could be due to a sudden rise in the number of patients, not just due to certain new kinds of infection. There is not enough data to elaborate this, and currently, all the studies have been done yet do not suggest that symptoms associated with Omicron vary more than other variants. 



What is the current plan for Omicron? 


Firstly, we must predict the possible outcome based on our existing condition. According to WHO, they are working with their technical partner to see the result of current countermeasures, including vaccines. They played a huge role but remained critical in decreasing severe disease and controlling the condition. 


What are the possible ways to fight with Omicron?

Vaccines: as we said earlier that the condition that occurs in Africa is due to a large no. of cases, and on the previous studies done by various other organization, we can say the current vaccines are still effective so to stop the issues or to save yourself prefer vaccines. 


Mask: The first thing that we need to ensure is that we have to save ourselves from the virus, and now everyone knows that the virus can only affect us if we inhale them, so to stop it, we need to wear a mask which will act as a barrier during inhalation. 


Other general guidelines: It is all about awareness, as we know all things like what is the lifestyle we have to follow in our daily life like maintaining social distance wearing mask proper sanitization avoid handshake


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