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Please read our privacy statement to see how we manage the user data we collect. If you disagree with the Policy and any of the terms you do not agree with, it is not an invitation for you to use any of our services, applications, or any other website linked to our Policy. You agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy by using this site’s features or by navigating it. Before they go live on the site, we will notify you if we make any changes to the Policy. We’ll also look into other alternatives for alerting you to the changes and getting your approval for the modified terms and conditions. You are obliged to keep up with the most recent privacy policy updates and modifications to maintain your account’s integrity.

1.1 How Do We Collect Information?

Users provide a large portion of the information when they create an account or leave feedback. Technology can be used to gather data, including the IP address of your machine.

1.2 How Do We Use the Information Collected?

To provide the best security and services, we use the information we have about you. Additionally, it performs other duties like fraud protection, two-way direct communication, digital marketing, and guaranteeing market validity.

For additional information on how the authors’ data is used to decide what data to present, see the details below.

We will give you access to our services, including hosting for your website and an active account with which you can control it and perform data analysis and optimization. Additional uses include:

  • You will consistently be recognized as an account holder with an active account whenever you log in or visit the website.
  • Our website and services are continually updated and improved.
  • We will send you our newsletter if you’ve signed up for it.
  • Make sure you abide by all relevant laws and regulations. They meet the standards of both public and governmental organizations.
  • Check them out to see whether they are real.
  • More reviews from you would be great.
  • Notify the business that you have a service or product review and that you utilized the healthcare24hrs platform to rate the overall value of your experience.
  • Get alerted if your review receives positive or negative feedback.
  • Respond to any inquiries and provide consumers with Satist=factory assistance.
  • If an organization or individual user deems your content inappropriate, kindly let us know as soon as possible. To verify or authenticate your content, we could ask for evidence.
  • Allow communication between individuals using social sharing tools. Users in our network can use the data we supply to connect with any other healthcare24hrs member via their social network.
  • It is important to emphasize that social network users can be found on our website, which encourages community members to feel more secure. This may also enhance users’ and reviewers’ experiences on the website. t
  • Please carefully read our terms and conditions.
  • Focusing on rights, privacy, and security, secure the company’s and its partners’ activities.
  • Audits ought to be combined. Data surveillance, audits, and fraud Develop fresh goods and services. Other business goals include improving the performance of the website by identifying patterns and evaluating the marketing strategy, which aims to increase the effectiveness of the company’s business operations.

We also use the information you give us to notify you of your request and obtain your express consent.

1.3 Why We Collect Information

  • Such information must be gathered to: Comply with legal requirements; For the continued efficient operation of the organization, comply with all legal requirements.
  • Create, uphold, or defend legal rights as necessary.
  • Please acknowledge that you accept the terms we’ve outlined.
  • Keep informed of any legitimate business interests, including those of our services and any third parties, as long as they do not conflict with users’ rights or interests.

Law requires us to gather that information for several reasons, many of which are identical. You can quickly get in touch with us and seek to revoke your consent at any time if you have permitted us to use your data in certain circumstances. For example, if you choose to subscribe to our email newsletters, it is simple to manage your subscription and remove yourself from the list. Knowing that your data is only processed in the circumstances outlined in the preceding paragraphs will help you understand your rights as a user.

The company uses your personal information to accomplish several efficiency goals. You must give healthcare24hrs specific information about you when you publish reviews, visit healthcare24hrs to write reviews, explore healthcare24hrs to do reviews, or utilize the healthcare24hrs website. Read this article to learn more about the data we gather, how we use it, and your rights regarding the privacy protection of your data.

  1. Master data

When a user registers for a website account, the system immediately creates a healthcare24hrs account for that user to use for personal use. The statement was made to save personal data on the account owner, and the data collected is:

  • Username (public data),
  • A secure and encrypted passcode, email address, geolocation feature, and nation are all required (country information is available to the public).
  • Setting up an active account that enables you to publish reviews on the website requires inputting this information.
  • Users also have the option of adding more information to their profiles. Along with your gender, location, and language, you can add a username image, description, or profile photo. Anyone who views your profile can access any additional information you upload to your account.

To improve the experience for users that visit their profile, healthcare24hrs offers high-quality content and combines with it. Additionally, it advertises other user reviews that are comparable to the profile. The user is in charge of setting up an anonymous account. Dependent upon the type of information given, such as usernames

2.1 The data is included in the ratings or reviews

When a person posts a new evaluation of a business, we get the reviewer’s information and use it to update the review and rating.

  • The company’s name was carefully examined.
  • The article’s title and content
  • The review’s discussion of the service or purchase is its subject (definition of “Service Experience” in our Guidelines for Review)
  • Evaluation of the Company’s Service Experience (1-5 stars)
  • The rating of your item (1-5 stars)
  • Location of Your Service Experience
  • The day the review was released, The date when it was edited, and if it was altered.
  • a reference to an order, if given by the author or business

We encourage you not to reveal any sensitive or private information about you or anyone else if the company requests documentation to substantiate the validity of your Service Experience. We only collect data for the requested purpose(s).

2.2 Data regarding your opinions, views and the importance of your review may be shared with reviewers

When visitors “like” your comments on our website or find a review helpful, we collect this information. We also track how many people read your review and what proportion of them shared it with others. If it is possible to “like” the reviews of other writers, we may also gather information. You cannot track users who do not have accounts or have not read your thoughts. Websites use an algorithm to make sure that they don’t always find the majority of users.

2.3 Notifications to Us

We encourage you to let us know if you believe that you have been the victim of any review or article that you think violates our user guidelines. Users can email us with additional information, such as an explanation of a particular study, attached. The data we gather consists of:

The review you’ve let us know about, the date of the study, the grounds on which you believe you’ve broken the regulations, and other things.

2.4 This data comes from various websites, including social networks, such as Facebook

You can connect your account to your social media accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram, using your healthcare24hrs profile (“Social Networks”). If users select this option, depending on the privacy settings of the individual Social Networking Sites, the platform will collect various types of information. The first to be preserved is the data made accessible to site visitors, and we will gather the most basic details about each user’s profile, such as:

  • On the platform, names and usernames are shown.
  • Email address on the file Profile picture
  • Social networks you use

If you submit a request to link your healthcare24hrs profile to your profile on one of your social networks and decide to join us, we will let you know what information we gather about you. An authorization window will be sent to you, allowing you to take the necessary actions.

Additionally, it depends on the user’s preferences for the length of time he wishes to link both profiles. Using your healthcare24hrs account, you can unlock both blocked accounts. healthcare24hrs will erase your specific Social Network ID once you have completed the transaction. Additionally, the business will remove its own Facebook and Instagram pages. Until you independently change the profile photo, the image that is now on Facebook and Instagram will remain on your healthcare24hrs page.

  1. Cookies

Our websites make use of cookies. Cookies make it possible to identify your computer and device rather than a specific user. They may also perform other duties.

When a website is accessed, it logs the IP address and the computer’s browser settings. The browser settings include the web browser used to browse the website, as well as the browser’s timeline and language.

3.1 Settings and Location

The IP address of your machine is logged each time you visit our website. You can access the reviews part of our website using this ID.

The information we gather can be utilized to find the computer or other device involved in illegal activity on our website or any other offenses. The type of browser used, the language it employs, the date, and the time zone are just a few examples of browser settings. To better understand the conditions and terms that apply to you based on the location of your device, we also use this feature to determine your approximate location on a city-wide scale.

  1. Newsletters and emails from Digest

If you have subscribed to our newsletters or similar services that use email or other comparable services, we will save your email address and preferences for our newsletters. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter or any additional email subscription by following a straightforward process. Select “unsubscribe” under your email settings after logging into your account. Please email us at if you cannot unsubscribe from our newsletters.

You have the right to request that we restrict our use of your personal information or object to its use. See paragraph 12 for more details.

Please get in touch with us if you have any inquiries about the legal justification for processing your data. The person in charge of data protection is known as a data protection officer (DPO) (see 14 below).

  1. Information on personal data

There are some limitations on sharing certain profile information, but personal data can be shared in various ways across platforms. Users can customize and find a variety of interfaces on websites and other online media. When using these platforms, it’s important to remember the permissions, personal settings, and different security settings.

5.1 The disclosure of your data on this website

An online review service called healthcare24hrs lets you share your unique interactions with the website. This makes it easier for individuals considering the business or product to learn from your experiences. When we include thorough writer information in a lengthy review, for instance:

  • the user name
  • Various reviews you’ve submitted Your home nation or place

5.2 Additional details you provided about the data you published through your social networks

Avoid using your real name as your username if you plan to use a pseudonym to sign up as an author on healthcare24hrs. Your identity will be made public, either entirely or in part. Whether or not the profile is anonymized depends on how much information the user divulges.

Use caution when determining what information to make accessible to the general public online.

5.3 Master-Details and other data:-Details and other data: Your username or location, as well as any additional information you enter, will be displayed on the website in the case of an event, such as reviewing or logging in. The company you write about might be familiar with the information on your blog. Go to the Account Settings page to limit who can see your review.

5.4 geolocation We utilize the address you use to access your devices to identify you in the adjacent state if you submit online reviews. The data is also accessible to other web users. It is an internet-connected computerized system.

Reviews you’ve discovered useful: When you find reviews of yourself that stand out, you can “like” them to let other healthcare24hrs users know you approve of your work.

5.5 Social Media  Once your social network account is linked, information about you, including your name, profile picture, date of birth, and place of origin, is collected. Your privacy settings on social media will determine what information you share. As a result, Facebook will be able to identify you based on the information you disclose there. The reviews you’ve posted can be seen by other users as well.

Suppose you use a pseudonym in place of your healthcare24hrs username to protect your identity. In that case, you must be careful to avoid joining any social networks that might have different results. Visitors to the website might learn your true identity, ending the pseudonym you made. Additionally, if any of your friends are healthcare24hrs clients, we will only disclose that “Connection” on the web pages to the client. Apart from you, other members who use healthcare24hrs can see the connections to the Social Network.

5.6 Data about the services are connected to the profile

Suppose you want to link your healthcare24hrs account to your social networking profile. In that case, Connections will have access to data the firm gathers about how its services are used and evaluated and any other information you provide. Data like the reviews you’ve written will be displayed in Connections until you opt to adjust your privacy settings for Connections, and Connections will be the Social Network.

5.7 Details on other sites, services, and businesses

We’ve built a robust framework that can withstand the industry’s requirements to help raise the number of users who read the reviews you submit to our site. The primary objective of healthcare24hrs is to increase access to and visibility of excellent genuine reviews. We provide additional feature reviews to be uploaded on our website.

You can display your user reviews and the public user profile of your user through several third-party businesses and services. This comprises:

  • Search engines are similar to one another. Companies that had their products or services reviewed by healthcare24hrs, including Google and Bing
  • Shopping tips from retailers and consumers, websites that compare prices, and more.
  • Associates of platforms and programs like WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and Prestashop.
  • Other websites may be suitable for our assessments based on healthcare24hrs’s investigation.
  • Facebook The following details will be made public when your post is published on the social network:
  • Add a review or reviews (see 1.2 above)
  • Your username, the country (region) where you are, and any additional details you want to include in your profile. Examples include your city, profile summary, name, gender, picture, and chosen language.

5.8 A few points to be aware of:

You can use our invitation service if a business asks you to submit a review of their product. Your review may be used and linked to by the company that requested it in response to its invitation. Imagine that you accept the offer and sign up for a healthcare24hrs account.

Should we need to confirm the legitimacy of your review? Suppose we need to verify the accuracy of your review. In that case, we will get in touch with you and request the appropriate documentation to show that you have any experience making purchases from or receiving services from the business you have read about. For twelve months following your review date, we strongly suggest maintaining the documentation of your service or purchase interactions. Don’t submit sensitive personal documents.

We won’t provide any company you’ve viewed files that we get from you access to. If we get a precise reference, such as an order or purchase ID, we’ll communicate it to the business. In other situations, you can ask for our consent to keep it private.

  1. Other details

In addition to the previously stated parties, we may disclose your information to the following ones under certain circumstances:

  • We will hire professionals, independent freelancers, and outside vendors to work for us.
  • To businesses, healthcare24hrs affiliates, and organizations.
  • Complying with demands and requests made by government and public officials, following the law and legal procedure.
  • To abide by the federal government’s and regulatory organizations’ authority regarding the referral of cases or investigations.
  • USER standards, TERMS, and CONDITIONS, and third-party enforcement agencies to third-party enforcement agencies
  • Partners from outside our company protect our activities and those that are related.
  • Organizations outside our control that respect our privacy You, your privacy, and numerous other parties have security rights.
  • To third parties to lessen the harm and look for solutions.
  • Organizations are run by third parties who look into or put a stop to any alleged or actual acts, including those unrelated to fraud or website abuse.
  • To third parties in the event of mergers, reorganizations, joint ventures, or the sale of all or a portion of enterprises or assets, including bankruptcy processes. To third parties in cases of assignments or acquisition sales.
  1. Data controller

We have divided the information into two sections: information under our control and information subject to your authority to make the control of data clear and easy to grasp for those who read it.

7.1 The data that we manage as the controller of the data

We are the data controllers regarding Master Data and any other information you provide to create and manage your account. This includes your IP address, email, and postal addresses, in addition to your name and password. We oversee information that isn’t explicitly related to this, like information on services and other areas. Although the data we collect has already been disclosed, please see 2.3 to grasp this part fully.

Denmark’s data protection regulations govern how healthcare24hrs inside the European Union gather personal data.

7.2 Information on who controls this data

The information you decide to give the website is under the control of the data controller. Similar to a social network connection, the privacy settings on social networks will apply to the personal information you submit after linking two profiles.

  1. Links to other sites

After UGC (USER-generated information) is sent to us, the hyperlink creator adds it. There can be URLs with links that take you to different websites. It is essential to realize that we don’t recommend any specific goods or services or the websites we host on our website. The data and content on the websites we link to are not under our control. As a result, we disclaim all liability for any policies, practices, or other information given by third parties on websites.

Users are advised to evaluate the privacy policies and other information on the website or material we have linked if we acknowledge our responsibility. Since their way of gathering and processing personal data differs from ours, it is crucial. When accessing any website or gathering information, use caution. We are not an authority on UGC, privacy policies, policies, or any other information about websites, products, or services with hyperlinked URLs.

  1. Data Processing

The technical data of our website and services are handled and processed by a third-party business on our behalf. The company that we work with is renowned for its proficiency in handling data processing to protect your personal information. By accepting this Policy, you consent to our data control methods and rules for data control.

We have a binding, irreversible contract between healthcare24hrs and a third-party company. According to the agreement, your data will be processed and used following our instructions. When you agree to the terms of the deal, you give our business the go-ahead to direct the third-party processor to handle your data following our policies and to carry out the primary function for which you use our website.

Additionally, we give the third-party processor instructions on how to put the proper organizational and technical safeguards in place to safeguard your data against fraudsters. They guarantee that your data won’t be misplaced, stolen, or revealed to unauthorized parties. Furthermore, disclosing personal information is against the law.

It could be necessary for the third-party processor for you to know how our third-party specialists manage and use the personal information you give. Our professionals will present the proof you need to ensure that your data is processed securely and with care. Additionally, they will describe the security precautions implemented to safeguard your data.

The United States controls and runs healthcare24hrs. This indicates that neither healthcare24hrs’s security nor its policies are governed by the laws of any other nation or region. You consent to storing and processing your personal information in the US database if you access our website from a country other than the US.

  1. Data retention

Your accounts, reviews, and any other actions you do while using our platform are all recorded by us. Our email address can be used to request the information you need. You should know that any submitted reviews will be deleted from your account. When you delete your account on our website, the data will also be removed from our Main Database. All data, including your names and email addresses, as well as the account cancellation date and time, will be erased because our database is a valuable asset that ought to be preserved. The data will be tracked for three years.

We continue tracking your website visits in anonymous and aggregated versions even after you remove your account.

11 – How Long Do We Maintain Personal Data?

11.1 Information about kids under 16


We protect your personal information using the most sophisticated administrative, organizational, and technical security procedures. To guard against security issues, we regularly monitor and assess security measures. Since there is no 100% guarantee of security on the internet, we cannot make any promises or give any warranties regarding the information you provide us. You can receive an email from us if you subscribe to our newsletter. These emails aren’t always secure, though. As a result, sending sensitive information by email is not advised.

You may also read the security guidelines to learn more about the most current rules and procedures. We’ll keep enhancing our security protocols and updating you frequently.

11.2 Cookies and external links

To enhance and personalize the user experience, assess the performance of our website, offer services, and advertise our goods and services, we utilize tags, scripts, pixels, web beacons, cookies, and numerous other technologies. Please see the Policy below regarding cookies. For more details on how third-party service providers and we use cookies and how you can limit their use, read on.

We must be conscious of the hyperlinked URLs on our site that lead to other websites. healthcare24hrs does not have any control over how the information you give to a website is used if you access it from our website because our privacy statement covers such information. You are responsible for reviewing the privacy policies of the websites you visit before using them. Our Policy covers only the personal information you give us. Suppose you alter information, such as personal data, from a social network or another source. Labeling our website is your duty. Your sharing of information on social media and other websites is subject to those platforms’ privacy policies, not ours. Other websites’ privacy practices are not under our control. As a result, we don’t go to great lengths about them. This implies that before giving a website your personal information, you should review its privacy rules.

11.3 Update Personal Information 

To guarantee the accuracy and currentness of your data, we take great security precautions. We also allow you to change your data without contacting the business or another entity. It is advised that you let us know immediately if there is any erroneous information on your account that you cannot change. We’ll ensure the information is examined and updated per your needs and our Policy. After that, if you elect to close your account, we will keep some of your information for various commercial and legal reasons.

We will verify any personal information you provide us that we already have before making any decisions based on it. Please get in touch with us for support if you’re experiencing trouble getting your account deleted from our website so that we can uphold our privacy policies.

After logging onto our website, you can quickly change and verify your personal information. After that, you can access the page for account settings.

If you delete UGC from our website, it can still be accessible on cached, archived, or pages on other websites. Your user-generated content (UGC) has a reasonable probability of being saved, copied, and used by different websites. Our policies and terms of service govern how users can access and use the information on our site, including user-generated content (UGC).

11.4 The potential to change this Policy

We have the authority to modify our privacy rules by our preferences. We are unable to inform our users of an announcement. Therefore, users are recommended to read our policies to be announced constantly. Additionally, you can search for the most recent information uploaded on this website. Thanks to this, they will be better able to comprehend our most recent or most recently reviewed privacy regulations.

12 – Contact Us

Contact us at if you still have questions regarding our privacy practices and how we handle your personal information. We’ll be happy to help you address your worries and find a quick solution.



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